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G.A. Buie has spent the last 30 years working in education, serving as a teacher, athletic director, principal, organizational president and director.  He has worked with a wide variety schools in Kansas working at the middle and high school level.  During his 24-year career in K-12 education, G.A. spent 19 as a principal.  During his tenure as Principal at Anderson County, he was honored as the 2005 Kansas Principal of the Year which afforded him the opportunity to work with educational programs at both the state and national levels but also provided him a glimpses of other educational opportunities.


From 2009-2015, while serving as Principal at Eudora High School, Buie also served on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Secondary School Principals, in 2013 he was elected to serve as the NASSP President. During his tenure as President-Elect and President G.A. traveled and shared with school leaders in 30 states and the countries of Canada, China, Finland, and the Dominican Republic.


Buie notes, after visiting with over 100 schools and numerus leaders across the nation and parts of the world, he shares nobody does it quite like Kansas. Providing  every Kansas students a similar opportunity to grow and learn despite the background or zip code.


Through his experiences and in his current role as the Executive Director of the United School Administrators of Kansas, G.A. has the opportunity to provide resources, professional development and support for school leaders across Kansas.